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Use Of Information Technology In Business

Management of an organization determine or set the ways in which the operations of a business are going to be carried out. Different types of management include strategic management, sales management, marketing management, public relations, procurement management, financial and accounting management and finally design management. There are different departments also respective to the types of management these departments have staffs who carry out business activities with different responsibilities. Business has a hierarchy from the senior most person to the junior most employee. Use of information technology in business management has greatly improved this sector. A computer is a programmable machine that is both electronics and digital, it is a device that is used to process data in binary form according to instruction given to it in a viable program. Computers can be installed with software’s are programs or instructions that enable the computer to specific tasks depending on the type of the organization . Computers have wide application in todays world they are used everywhere because they are fast hence increase in productivity, can store large amount of information and its easy to retrieve the information, they help automate, saves time, keeps people entertained.

Another added advantage of computers is that they are very accurate hence do not make errors they use the principle of garbage in garbage out. The use of computers has greatly improved this sector simply because it is fast it is accurate the system has high storage capacity and also it is safe to store documents in a computer.

Different businesses have different needs therefore the systems are programmed differently. Most of the businesses have employed information technology experts who help develop programs if the need arises this helps the computers to process complex data. Computers have become common and are now being used in every sector be it in hospital, transport industry, schools, manufacturing industry among others and now those activities were being performed manually are now being done by the computers this helps the businesses to save on operation cost.

Business employees are the backbone of every business this is because they carry out the main activities of transferring materials into finished goods. Compensation plan in a business contain detail of all levels of workers including their salaries, bonuses, wages, other benefits , incentives and commissions this is known as labor renumeration. This is the calculation and compilation of payment or wages to employee who work in a business. Characteristics of a good renumeration system are; it should be fair for both employees and employers, It should ensure that the amount paid is comparable to the work done, it should also include adequate incentives to keep the workers motivated. Different businesses have different methods of carrying out activities therefore different methods of labor renumeration including; time based system, performance based system which is divided into piece work rate, profit sharing incentive bonus plan among others. There are softwares available to buyers where computation have been put into one program that produces the salary of employees automatically into a single package known as MarketPowerPRO.

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