Who Can Start a Blog?

There are no topic restrictions and no specific skills required to start a blog for free, so anyone has the potential to begin a blog if the desire exists. Writing skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and an interesting topic will make creating a successful blog easier but are not mandatory. So, do you want to start a blog?

No Cost

Free blogging platforms allow people of all income levels to start a blog. The vast design and layout options result in pages that reflect the personality of the blogger, as well as the blog topic. This benefit is crucial to lower income families because there are ways to make money via blogging.

It is vital to keep in mind that free does not translate to inferior. Free platforms like WordPress and Blogger are the most popular ones around and have large support forums for bloggers. Add-ons and plug-ins available are numerous and can help improve and expand the features of a blog.

Details of the Design

New bloggers are competing with millions of bloggers already online. These bloggers have established followers, advertisers, and a design that sets them apart from all the other blogs on the same topic. The quickest way to attract readers is to make the design stand out.

Clearly stating what the blog is about is crucial because few visitors will stop at a blog that includes snippets about everything. The approach and writing style of the blogger also needs to be displayed in the design of the landing page. Like-minded people will be drawn to your blog over the one with a stance that does not match their own.


A free platform is not without limitations. The most restricting one is that bloggers do not own their blogs. The result can be the deletion of the blog with or without notice. This is not a common practice, but it is a possibility.

Images and videos typically cannot be uploaded onto free blog sites. This will pose a problem if the topic relies on visuals. A blog about photography, for example, will be lacking without new images being uploaded.

The address of the blog will end with the name of the platform. This is a minor downfall since most blogs are located on free platforms. People are accustomed to that format for blog internet addresses.