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Whenever you have a birthday celebration or any other kind of celebration, in most cases you find that there would be some drinks for your guests. The greatest selection you can make on straws to be used are the paper straws. You find that buying drinking paper straws is more beneficial than the plastic type of drinking straws. Saving the environment is key and this is why you find that many governments are now banning the production and distribution of plastic straws and encouraging the use of paper straws. In the bigger hotels also you find that they will always serve you the drinks you order with the paper straw rather than plastic ones.

Here are some of the benefits of using drinking paper straws over the plastic type. The kids are the most beneficiaries of the paper drinking straws since it protects the teeth enamel from damage as they are still soft. Many children have soft enamel which can be damaged easily by a plastic straw.

The other advantage that paper drinking straws has over the plastic straws is that they are biodegradable. For the plastic straws, they cannot be decomposed if you bury them in a compost pit once used or throw them in an ocean. The paper straws are the only type o straws that can decompose due to the material used to manufacture and therefore making it environmental friendly. The decomposing time of the paper straws can be even three days while that of plastic straws could take years and this makes paper straws more advantageous to the environment.

The other advantage of paper straws is that they are relatively affordable. As more businesses get awareness of the negative effects of the plastic straws on the environment, the demand of the paper straws would increase making it cheaper and defeating the plastic ones in the market. The wildlife also would benefit more from the use of paper straws. It has been found out that paper straws can decompose in several weeks and therefore if you dispose them in the ocean it won’t affect the marine creatures. By switching to paper straws, you realize that the use of plastic straws would reduce drastically conserving the environment in the long run.

However, sometimes buying the paper straws could be challenging since there are many manufacturers and suppliers. You need to make proper decisions on where or how to buy the paper straws for your celebration. Online wholesalers are the best paper straw suppliers where you can get your paper straws. There are some wholesalers who offer paper straws at a discount and they would also offer free shipping if you reach a given amount of purchase.

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