What Are the Benefits of a PEAK Oil Analysis Program?

Oil is the lifeblood fluid of a vehicle and it can tell a lot about the health of the engine. Analyzing the oil is important for finding issues well before they become major problems. PEAK is committed to helping individuals protect their fleet and keep their rigs running at optimum performance. With this information, individuals will better understand the benefits of these programs, so they can stay on top of their fleet health and ensure their rigs are not breaking down on a regular basis.

Important Benefits of Oil Analysis

If a fleet owner is not properly analyzing their oil on a regular basis, they could be missing telltale signs that report of problems with the engine and its performance level. The following are some of the important benefits fleet owners can experience when they take advantage of an oil analysis program.

  • This program allows fleet owners to spot problems well before they lead to major engine damage and breakdowns. By properly analyzing the oil, owners and managers can discover problems early on and properly fix them, so there is no downtime for the rig and driver.
  • These programs help to drastically improve the resale value of a rig because potential buyers will be able to thoroughly see the maintenance that has went into protecting the rig’s engine from becoming damaged.
  • With this program in place, an owner or manager will be able to know when they need to change the oil and filter and if their present oil change schedule is sufficient for the needs of the rig. Proper oil changes are a must for keeping a rig running as it should.
  • This program will help to improve the longevity of the rig and keep it running efficiently for many years to come. This oil analysis program actually helps owners to be able to save money in the long run.

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If you are a fleet owner or manager, putting this program into action is a must for ensuring your fleet will be running as it should at all times. Visit the website today to learn more about the options.