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What to Consider When Selecting a Walk-in Tub to Suit Your Needs

These days, walk-in-tubs are very popular when it comes to caring for elderly people. This is because they enhance the safety of the aged by allowing them to bather independently and privately. Walk-in-tubs are sold in a variety of safety features and comfort which also have different price points. Depending on your budget, these bathtubs have extra features such as air massage systems, hydrotherapy jets, built-in grab bars and even self-cleaning. Choosing the right walk-in-tub to buy for your loved one can be overwhelming. However, this article highlights what you have to consider when selecting a walk-in-tub to suit your needs.

Size of the Tub

When looking for a walk-in tub, it is critical to reflect on the available space in your bathroom where the tub needs to go. In addition to this, you ought to consider the amount of water that you want to hold. In the event that one is replacing a current shower or tub, the walk-in-tub should fit in the same place. It is also good to note that the size of the walk-in-tub ought to accommodate the amount of water that your hot water heater is able to supply.

Safety for the Users

The most important reason for buying a walk-in-tub is to promote safety for elderly people when bathing. Walk-in-tubs usually make bathing more accessible and easier for seniors or people living with disabilities. Hence, when choosing the model of a tub, you should consider the use of any mobility devices. The reason behind this is that there are walk-in-tubs that are specifically built for walkers or wheelchairs. These types of walk-in-tubs will ensure the safety of your loved ones when getting in and out of the tub.

Fill and Drain System

You should also reflect on the fill and drain system of the walk-in-tub. Since these tubs are designed to make them more accessible, it requires the person bathing to wait inside when the tub fills and empties. The side door of the tub will spill water out it you open it otherwise. In case one doesn’t want to wait, you then need to purchase a walk-in-tub model which has a fast drain and fast-filling systems. With such a model, the tub will fill up and drain very fast hence.

Therapeutic Features

When looking for a walk-in-tub to purchase for your seniors, it is important to consider their health condition. This is because some walk-in-tubs have additional therapeutic features. These include aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, air massage, and water massage. Therefore, if your loved one has rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or other neurological conditions, these are the best tubs for them.

Cost of the Walk-in-tub

Walk-in-tubs are quite costly compared to the standard bathtubs. However, it is crucial to purchase a walk-in-tub that meets your loved one’s needs on a long-term basis. You should not make a mistake of buying the wrong tub and having to look for another later since it will be very costly. Therefore, plan your budget well and buy a good quality walk-in-tub that will serve you for many years.

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