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Factors to Look into to be Safe During Thunderstorms

The weather may change at any time without your knowledge of it. It is very risky when you are caught u in some of the weather changes. You may be caught up in one weather change or the other since the changes do not give a warning before happening. There are important factors you can put into consideration and do when you are caught up in risky weather changes like a thunderstorm to prevent dangers coming to you. Some of the important things you can do to keep yourself safe when caught up in a thunderstorm are outlined in the article below.

The sky might give a sign of weather changes, you should keep your eyes up to be seen of these. Weather may not necessarily change abruptly, there are small signals in the sky that can be read to help you be informed of possible weather changes. There are signals like darkening of the sky and increased wind speed and also small flashes in the sky are some of the key small signals that you should look at to warn you of thunderstorms. When you see these signals you should take fast action and find yourself shelter to prevent being caught up in the oncoming thunderstorm. Buildings or cars provide good shelter for you when you are caught up in a thunderstorm.

When in a thunderstorm, it is important that you do not shed under trees or be near trees. Sheltering under trees is dangerous as trees may be struck by lightning and therefore transferring the charges to you. Since the thunder during a thunderstorm may be so loud, they may interfere with your hearing. You need to close your ear with your hands during thunderstorms to prevent the occurrence of such a problem. If you are caught up in the thunderstorm with other people, you need to be keen it keep a distance from each other.

It is also an important factor that you avoid pools of water when in the midst of a thunderstorm. Water is a good conductor of electricity that when you stand or an in some, you increase the chances of being struck by lightning while in a thunderstorm. You may be struck by lightning when you use telephones that are coded during a thunderstorm since the land lines may be struck and transferee the charges through the lines to you hence being struck by the lightning as well. Considering the factors and the important things in this page article above, you are now able to keep yourself safe when you are caught up in a thunderstorm.

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