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What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Mold Inspection Company

Mold is deadly. It is known to trigger serious health complications, including respiratory complications, persistent headaches, and severe allergies. Do you suspect mold development in your household? Make a point of calling a professional mold inspection service provider if you do. Having your home inspected for mold early enough will help to deter it from spreading. Some household owners make the costly mistake of performing DIY mold inspections. Given that you don’t have any skills or experience performing an inspection on your own isn’t a good idea. Why? Because in addition to risking your welfare and that your loved ones by not taking the right safety precautions, you also risk making mistakes that will increase the spread of the mold. So, don’t follow the DIY route. Hire professional inspectors instead, and they’ll take care of everything. Just because a service provider claims to be a professional mold inspector doesn’t necessarily mean that they can get the inspection done professionally. Interview all your prospects to verify whether they have what it takes. Here are the things that you should ask them.

Which Inspection Procedures Do You Follow?

This inquiry might sound trivial. However, it can tell volumes about your soon-to-be mold inspectors. Every professional inspection company should have a well-written routine and checklist of the steps to take during the inspection. Those that don’t have any routine are likely unprofessional. Hence, you shouldn’t bother hiring their services. A responsible mold inspector will take you through each step that will be taken during the inspection. Ideally, qualified mold inspectors should follow procedures, which include various steps. Firstly, exterior inspections where they check your pathways to see if there is water intrusion. Secondly, HVAC inspections where they will check your heating and cooling system’s interiors for molds. Thirdly, interior inspections that involve the evaluation of mold susceptible areas, including the bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, and ceiling. Do not hire inspection service providers that don’t follow these steps.

How Long Will a Full Inspection Take and Will There Be Need for Me to Relocate?

Mold can spread to areas where people least expect. Thus, inspectors have to inspect every corner of your household. On average, inspections take an estimated two hours. Any company that plans to spend less than two hours will likely perform a basic inspection. Generally, the duration taken will be determined by the size of your house. Inspectors might even take a whole week if you have a big house. However, never hire a company that guarantees to take less than two hours, irrespective of how small your house might be. In some cases, mold inspections might be intensive. In this case, you might have to relocate until the inspection is complete. Ask your service provider early on so that all the necessary arrangements can be made.

Will You Use Any Chemical Treatments?

Mold inspection companies are, in some cases, forced to use chemical treatments. Ask about the toxicity of the chemicals, if your service provider intends to use any. Find a mold inspection service provider that uses approved and hazard free substances. This way, your well-being will not be compromised.

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