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Signs it’s Time For a Thyroid Check

A huge number of people have thyroid issues according to studies and nearly have of them do not have knowledge of this. In order for one to be sure that they are off the thyroid scare, then it is significant that they take note of some things. Thyroid plays major roles in the body as it participates in regulating hormones. Body temperature, appetite and metabolism are among the aspects that the hormones are responsible for in the body. When the hormones are off-balance then an individual will suffer from two conditions; hyperthyroidism which occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough hormones and hypothyroidism which happens when one has an overactive thyroid gland.

It is vital for an individual to take note of the following symptoms as they will be an indication that they have thyroid issues. Firstly, if one experiences a quick change in their body weight, then it could be certain that their thyroid has an issue. In the event that an individual is quickly gaining weight or losing weight and they have not changed their daily routine, then it is best that they get checked. In the event that an individual always feels fatigued, then it is most likely that they have a thyroid problem. When there is less production of hormones then an individual always feels tired and there is lack of sleep if the production of the hormones is too much. It is also relevant for an individual to take note if they look different for it might be a symptom of thyroid disorder. A healthy person has a smooth skin but that with a thyroid problem has a dry and itchy skin, puffy face and weak hair.

It can be certain that one has a thyroid issue if they do have sleep apnea. Being checked is important if one finds it difficult to sleep of that they snore. Feeling hot and cold is also a symptom when an individual ha a thyroid problem. It is important for a woman to go for testing if they miss their monthly period and they are not old to be at menopause or is pregnant.

An important fact that one has to be aware of is that not every person has the symptoms that have been explained above, it is, therefore, essential that they check on the appearance of their thyroid. If an individual feel like they want to get tested, then a blood test will be taken by their doctor and among the things that will be measured are the; TSH, free T3, free T4 among others. Going for the doctors’ appointment will be mandatory if one is found with the disorder. For an individual to always be healthy, then they need to consider going for a checkup.