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Why the Legalization of Marijuana is Beneficial

For a long time now, marijuana has been Illegal because of the negative view that society has against it. The society has a view that the users of marijuana are always criminals and their deeds after the use of cannabis not good. This is contradictory because cannabis has a lot of benefits apart from making the user feel high. To realize this benefits fully, it requires for the authorities to legalize the use of cannabis. The article below outlines some of the major benefits that marijuana has and also the benefits that will be realized by its legalization.

To begin with, cannabis legalization will help eradicate the black market and thus helps to reduce the crime rate. When marijuana is illegal the black market will always make it available for a lot of people. For the black market to possess the cannabis they must be having a connection with some drug dealers who are connected with other drug dealers, this only helps in increasing the crime rate. When marijuana is legalized the black market will lose market and be forced to cut ties with the dealers who were their suppliers, this will help reduce the crime rate. The government also gets to be advantaged when cannabis is legalized because they will earn revenue from the taxes paid by the sellers of marijuana.

Legalization of marijuana will also be beneficial as there will be safety control and also improved quality. When cannabis is illegal, people tend to get it from the streets and they don’t know exactly what they are taking because the business is done in secrecy. When it is legal, the product will be standardized just like in the alcohol industry which will therefore help in reducing the risks hence increasing its safety. A lot of violence is witnessed on our streets when the marijuana is illegal because they fight over customers and prestige. When cannabis is legalized, there won’t be any violence and no gangs because the customers that previously bought from them can get the cannabis from anywhere. The streets will be kept safe and also the police will be having an easy time.

The use of marijuana is a lesser crime when compared to the other crimes that the court and police should be concentrating on. The police won’t be force fight illegal marijuana dealing when it is legalized thus giving them enough time to fight the other serious crimes. You now know the advantages of cannabis legalization and hence are able to make a wise decision to start helping in the push for its legalization.