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Amazing Animals to Find In the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains that stretch from Canada to New Mexico have had a lot of people who enjoy being there. Visitors are attracted to the snowcapped Rockies which are seen to rise above the cloud levels. The other thing that makes the Rocky mountains a tourist attraction is the wildlife found there. Below are some of the animals that you are going to find when you visit the Rocky Mountains.

One of the animal you will find here is the Canadian Lynx. The creature is much like the home cat but it is bigger in size. The animal can be identified by its long and pointy ears that help it to listen to its prey. The thick fur that coats the animal helps in insulating it in the snow. With its long legs, it is able to walk around the snow with ease.

The Wolverine is another creature you will come across. One thing that you need to know is that a wolverine is rarely seen in the Rocky Mountains but it best survives here. In nature, the creature is fearless and will go in high areas as well as deep snow in search of food. It is recognized by its strong and muscular body with short legs and a light-colored facemask with a dark fur on the nose. Despite its fearless nature, it is important to know that it was in 2014 recognized as an endangered species.

In the Rocky Mountains, one will also come across the American Bison. This has come to be recognized as the largest North American mammal. The animal is recognized by its humped shoulders on its insulated body and its short curved horns. The males usually will dominantly protect their females from other invading males in the herds. They are usually herbivores and feed on the woody shrubs and grass. The American bison is such a famous animal such that even the former president Obama signed the National Bison Legacy naming it a National Mammal.

Another amazing animal found in the Rocky Mountains is the cougars. They are also known as the mountain lions, Pumas and even others call them panthers. The cougars roam around the forest in search of prey. Even with their cuddy, less dangerous look, it is important to know that cougars can prey on anything including human beings.

When you make a visit to this area, you will also find the bighorn sheep. These sheep are obviously recognized by their big horns and dark brown coat and white patches on their butts. They usually live in herds of about ten in number.