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Guide To Understanding The Hearing Loss In Children

Hearing loss is described as a failure to hear any sound. Hearing impairment is partially hearing with one ear. The percent of people who suffer hearing loss while they were kids is high as compared to those who suffer as adults. This is not to say that hearing loss is a hereditary condition, actually, kids who have hearing loss are born of parents who have no such condition. The challenge faced by kids with hearing loss is that it’s hard for them to learn and to communicate affecting social life. To verify if the child has hearing loss it’s best to take them to ENT care for a check-up. This will help you to make special arrangement and care for the child to be able to learn. As an encouragement know that there are many other kids born with this problem around the world.

Hearing loss in children can be as a result of various factors. There are some illness which causes hearing loss, which the child could have suffered from. Such common illness includes meningitis, high fever and viral infections like measles. Other than that you will find there are certain medicines which affect some inner parts of the ear leading to hearing loss. In other instances, the child may have had an injury on the ear or due to sudden high music can lead to hearing impairment. If your child has been a victim of the above it’s better to visit the doctor for further tests.

Some of the symptoms which suggest that the child has hearing loss include lack to respond to any sound. You may be playing loud kids music, or even calling the child but the child seems not to be hearing anything. The other symptom of hearing loss is when the child fails to start speaking even after they have reached that stage. This means that the child will take time to develop speech or the speech is not clear. Remember in case you find these symptoms visit the ENT care earlier enough to improve the chances of recovering from hearing impairment.

Note that treating hearing loss is different depending on the cause of the problem. Minor hearing problems can be resolved with remedies and medications learn more to clear the ear. The doctor can also perform minor ear surgery for ear blockages which can be removed through surgery. For hearing impairment or in instances when the child respond when the sound is too high, then the recommendation will be a hearing aid. Lastly when there is no remedy, then you can register both you and the child for special classes, mostly sign language, which enhances communication.

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