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Discovering Life Through a Good Song Writer

In life, there are so many things. One is born in the family, raised by parents or guardian, surrounded by siblings and friends, then there is school, jobs and careers, love and marriage and children. Through all that, one can experience different things. Sometimes it is love and joy, some other times, it is pain and grief. The joy starts with discovering oneself. Knowing the amazing gifts and talents that one has, one will definitely understand their purpose of living. Yes, the joy and happiness lie in the discovery and use of one’s talents and abilities. For some children, they do not discover what they are capable of doing unless they attend schools. But for others, their capacities and talents start to surface at a very early age at home. Also, some people are oriented in terms of career, by their parent, on the other hand, there are others who choose the way to live life depending on their abilities and will. Whether one personally chosen the career or has been influenced by others, one should go the way that matches their abilities. This is because living life without discovering one’s potential can be considered as a loss. The thing is, if one discovers themselves, then they will be a blessing to others. One will win many friends and make valuable contributions to the lives of others. This will not happen if one has chosen the wrong path or wrong career. Be it science, entertainment, art, music, or anything else, one’s life will be much more valuable if they found a career in which they fit in.

Yes, one’s career is the source of joy, value, and happiness. But there also other things that are inevitable in life, sorrow, and pain, for example. No one wishes to meet or experience these things, but they happen whether one likes it or not. How grievous it is to lose one’s most loved person such as wife. In many cultures, two people will have to fall in love first. And the person that one falls in love with, becomes the most important person in one’s life. Life becomes worthy of living when one has found a life long companion. So, when one happens to lose this person because of death, life will become quite bitter. One will never forget their fallen beloved spouse. Finding the strength to continue moving on, is very important because after all, all people will die. That is why those who are still alive should not live life as if they are dead. Sorrow and pain are often hard to control. But it is very possible to defeat them. Through music for example. Most people who are gifted with the gift of writing and produce songs, they often get a fresh inspiration when in their best and worst moments in life. On those occasions, they write and produce pieces of music that help everyone who will go through those situations too. So, listening to their music when you are going through similar situations will be helpful to you.

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