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Methods of Getting Around the City of Rome

In case you are considering visiting Rome this year you should not worry as it is in the list of the cities are most famous in the world. Mezzi pubblici is the term used for public transit in Rome. You need a ticket if you want to ride in local trains, buses, trams, and metros. The tickets can be bought in self-service in kiosks in bus stops, metro stations and newsagents you can buy the BIT single ticket which has 100 minutes enabling you to travel in all public means. This BIT can to travel in trams or connecting buses and valid for 72, 48 or 24 hours.

Tourists who are traveling to Rome for a short time can use this mode of transport. The CIS is a good option because it is valid for weekly, monthly or annually. You should validate the tickets once you enter the bus as inspectors will not let you off because you are a tourist. Use the yellow machine on the bus or tram. Metros have automatic barriers where your ticket is stamped. You can enter the museum, public trusts and discounts using the Roma pass. Trains are also easy to get around Rome.

The public tickets are good for train rides for the inner city. You can go only up to the red line on the ATAC map with the train tickets. Buy a train ticket if you want to travel beyond the red line. Tourists prefer the Roma Lido train line. You will not b fined if you stamp your ticket. Metro lines A and B are the only metro lines that are available in Rome making traveling round Rome a tiring endeavor. There are metro stops near the Vatican and Colosseum as they are big tourist sights however other sights are not close to any metro stop.

Public transport strikes are rampant in Rome so always have a plan B if they strike. Only taxis marked “Commune di Roma” should be used to navigate around Rome. You will be overcharged if you don’t keep watch and see the meter sticks at 1 and should not jump to 2. Soonest you call for a taxi the meter starts counting.

Available also in Rome is Uber. Uber Black is available but at a slightly higher price and nicer cars. Only in Rome and Milan where Ubers are found in Italy but not other cities. We hope this is a useful guide when visiting the Eternal City with an intention of using public transport.

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