Making Every Website Page a Lead Generating Possibility

Some websites exist simply to inform or entertain, but many site owners want visitors to take action of some sort. They might want visitors to order a product or service, to click on an ad, or to get involved in a social or political concern. These site owners benefit by having every single page have a lead generation function, no matter how subtle. They might utilize the service of an agency like the one represented at

Understanding Visitor Behavior

Site owners often have a vision of how visitors will use their website. As e-commerce experts understand, however, the flow of usage is incredibly unpredictable. Site owners may envision visitors always starting with the home page and clicking on a link from there. Instead, people browsing the Web often begin on a page that’s specific to information they are searching for. That’s why every site page should be persuading the visitor to take action of some sort, even if there is no actual request to do so.

The Importance of Fresh Content

Having fresh content in the form of articles or blog posts being published regularly is an example of how this works. A person seeks out useful information, navigates to the site, and reads the post or article. Some of the best content makes readers want to share it. The site should make this easy to do with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and email. Once shared, the website may be found by many more individuals.

Proper Use of Live Chat

A live chat box is appropriate for some businesses, but it shouldn’t be intrusive. Site visitors hate chat boxes that pop up right in the middle of the screen and force the viewer to click it off or use the Escape key.

Holding Attention

Keeping visitors on client sites for a longer time whenever they visit is a goal of agencies like Maximize Digital Media. One effective strategy is to embed links to other interesting and relevant content on the same website. Readers can click to open that link on a new tab and continue reading, then easily move to the next page of interest when they finish.