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Keys to Understanding the Importance of Culvert Rehabilitation

Unless you worked in a highway construction, having a culvert is something you may not be thinking a lot about. Culverts are a vital piece of infrastructure that helps control the flooding after a heavy rain or a storm. It is possible storms will bring lots of rain, in turn cause a lot of floods. As such, it is important to have a device that can control the flow of water and let the floods subside.

A culvert really is any form of embankment used to let the water flow so that the area will not get flooded. Typically, culverts are cylindrical and reinforced by either concrete or a pipe.

The culverts can also help in not just reducing water build up but also control erosion due to water damage. There is no doubt that a culvert is critical in the protection of a property. Flooding may cause erosion and unexpected expenses. There are other objects on the road that might get ruined by flood waters.

However, culverts do get damaged over time. It is important to keep an eye on culvert rehabilitation. Culvert rehabilitation has become an important thing as there are plenty of culverts that are no longer able to work like they used to. There is an emerging need to rehabilitate the culverts. There is a need to ensure the culverts’ structural integrity is maintained so it can function the way it should be.

As such, there are number of rehabilitation methods used to bring back the glory days of culverts.

The slip lining method entails rigid liner pipes being pushed or pulled with jacks. There is an object getting inserted to the existing pipes. To finish off, a space is getting grouted to create a seal.

Another way to rehabilitate the culvert is through the spiral wound lining with the use of a smooth and spirally wound liner. The liner would be interlocking strips which is inserted and coiled to the existing pipe. A spiral would pipe will be inserted and pressed until the liner sticks to the old pipe.

There are people who use the cured-in place lining method to rehabilitate the culverts. It generally involves inserting a flexible liner. Through an existing pipe a liner with a thermosetting resin will be used to rehabilitate the culvert. The liner will be activated with the use of heat.

A fold-and-form lining uses coiled PVC pipes, which are heated in order to make it malleable and ready for use.

Cement-mortar lining is a method of culvert rehabilitation using electric or hot air where it coats the existing pipe with a smooth finish is achieved and provides protection against corrosion.

There are a lot of companies out there that can help you with culvert rehabilitation.

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