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How Does Teeth Health Affect Your Heart?

Your teeth have great impact on the kind of smile you’ll make but, not paying attention to your teeth health could lead to more than just cavities, broken smile or other teeth-related conditions. You ought to have already heart medical professionals saying that your mouth is an important part of your body as it can be considered an entrance to your cores. Since it’s considered a gate, you could also say that having a dental health that can be considered a failure, could lead to problems that are harder to deal with than you could imagine, like heart conditions and beyond. If you’re one of those people who are curious as to how teeth and heart could be related to each other, read and learn more in this page.

You should know by now that plaque is basically having harmful bacteria situated right on your mouth. Your mouth is something that you use to eat and digest food and having bacteria on it is the same as exposing yourself to situations where you’ll likely eat bacteria as well. This is dangerous for your body because just as food can get into your bloodstream later, the bacteria can also do the same.

If you have had gingivitis before, this is one sort of dental problem that could cause inflammation to your gums. However, this inflammation is something that can be shared all throughout your body if you’re not careful and if it doesn’t get healed right away. Atherosclerosis can even happen later, if the plaque enters your bloodstream and ends up affecting the arteries of your heart. This is a critical problem as it can even lead to life-threatening situations like heart attack or even stroke.

The arteries of your heart wouldn’t be the only part that will suffer if bacteria spreads to your body, since they can also latch into your heart’s valves and even inner linings. Aside from Atherosclerosis, you’ll likely experience Endocarditis as well, which is like having pockets of bacteria blocking your bloodstream. Although it isn’t something that always happen to people, it does not mean that it’s not dangerous. You’ll find that your life would be greatly impacted by this condition as you’ll face breathing difficulties, coughing and chest pains.

If you experience symptoms of dental problems next time, it is best that you take action right away lest you may end up putting your life at risk. Make sure that you prevent bacteria and plaque to build up on your mouth by flossing and brushing your teeth. Never stop reading and doing things that will help your teeth become healthier, as this can safeguard your overall health better.