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Advantages Of The Live Scan Fingerprinting

There are different circumstances where you will be required to get your fingerprints captured and thereafter submit them to where they are needed. The requestor could be your employer, the department of justice or an investigating agency. Subsequently, this helps in compiling your report for criminal history and establish whether you have been involved in any act that contravened the law. A more convenient method that is applied to achieve that objective is the live scan fingerprinting. This is attributed to the many benefits that are associated with it and this article seeks to highlight the key ones.

One of the main advantages of going for the live scan fingerprinting is its cost-effectiveness. This is due to the fact the service provider passes the charges to the organization or the person that has made the request for it. This is particularly so if your employer is the one that is interested in that process, in which case, you will not be called upon to make any form of payment. On the other hand, if the company that you work for has been assigned a billing number by the relevant government agency, you will only be charged the service fees thereby being exempted from paying the state agency fee.

When you make up your mind to go for the live scan fingerprinting, you are going to enjoy the convenience that the service provides. This is so because you can undergo the procedure at any location so long as you are in possession of the ATI number and your birth date evidence. The technician that will carry out the scanning on you has been certified and licensed to do so. The entire process takes the utmost 10 minutes and the onward transmission of the prints to the requesting agency is done promptly electronically.

When traditional methods are employed for the purpose of capturing your fingerprints, the procedure is fraught with certain challenges. This includes the ink that has been overdone or underdone, staining as well as smudging. The live scan fingerprinting avoids these issues because they undertake an instant electronic conveyance of the prints to the people or organizations that need them.

Before you approach a particular live scan fingerprinting service provider, you must make sure that you have the forms that are required. As well, it is highly recommended to make verification with the requestor so that you can be in a position to go through the process in a safe and easy manner. The certified location should be able to issue you with the blank request form for the specific department that requires your information. This ranges from the pest control, legal sector, gambling as well as the immigration department among others.

In order for you to get satisfactory services and outcomes from the live scan fingerprinting, it is advisable to choose an established service provider. On the other hand, choose the certified location that is operated by the agents that possess the requisite professional credentials and experience. Since you want the results to be available as fast as possible, go for the operator that uses the latest and cutting-edge technology.

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