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Benefits of Hiking for Jesus

God did not call people to seek him in vain. It is of great benefit to walk in the love of Jesus. Hiking for Jesus does not only give you eternal life in heaven it also gives worldly benefits. These benefits are very important if you have to enjoy and succeed in life. This is the love of God that we always keep and obey his commandments and his commandments are not onerous. Hiking for the love of God helps as to love the Lord our God, to walk in his ways and to keep all his commandments, His rulings and his judgments that we may live long and multiply. Hiking for Jesus is to walk in the commands of God and obey his words. Due to the love of God, everyone who belongs to God is also expected to love because this shows that you love God. Hiking for Jesus helps us to obey him and enjoy all the benefits that result from obeying God. Below are the benefits of hiking for God.

Hiking for Jesus attracts God’s blessings. It is uncontrolled that when you love your neighbor as Jesus loves you there will be a lot of blessings that will be released to you. Hiking for Jesus helps to helps to seek God’s blessing and the best thing to do is just to love totally and also it helps in identification with Jesus. You get acknowledged when you walk in love. When you hike for Jesus you are in a position to love God. When one walks with Jesus one has no reason to fear and to be tormented .he is clean before God and also before man. God always offers him protection all his life and all that he owns. Hiking for Jesus perfects your love because the more you shoe your love the more you wish even to extend your love to many others. Hiking for Jesus makes us live like Jesus in the world that means to live a successful life, a life without diseases and to enjoy peace and joy. Consequently, you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven to be like Jesus.

Hiking for Jesus also helps us to be confident that we shall be recognized by God in the time of judgment, we shall be in peace. We shall not be afraid of death because we are assured of eternity with Jesus. Walking with Jesus helps us to have God’s presence. It is important to walk with Jesus because when you walk in the love of God both Jesus and the father make a home with you when we walk in love. Pleasure and joy are also the importance of hiking for Jesus. You experience joy when you have love when you love. Those who hike for Jesus in and obey the word of God also do receive all their answered prayers. Hiking for Jesus also helps us to be satisfied. The love of our God will oblige you from greediness because you will be satisfied with what you have had in mind that walking with God’s word in obedience will help to be blessed by God.

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