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A Guide to Boat Transportation Services

When boards are required to go to another location on time to a tricky location or for the beginning of a season at its owner’s request, boat transportation services come in handy. They move boats of all sizes across huge distances and rough seas that would terrify even the most experienced captains. Besides working on tight deadlines, these projects often involve lots of valuable cargo that requires to be treated carefully and manoeuvred skilfully. Below is a guide on boat transportation, from choosing the available methods, to choosing a respected company.

It makes sense to choose a reputable company to move your boat. Prior to beginning any preparations to move your boat through any distances, it is important to check whether your company of choice is capable of moving your boat. It is necessary to be vigilant and aware of any service providers you encounter, since there are plenty of frauds in the boat transportation market offering services without the requisite knowledge and equipment needed for proper transport. It is therefore prudent to do a background check on the company you wish to transport your boat, to avoid any surprises.

Similar to other aspects of life, cheap transport is not always necessarily the best transport. While some cheap transport services may be worthwhile, cheap transport service does not always guarantee quality. On that note, sometimes it is worth parting ways with some extra cash to ensure your valuable boat is in safe, professional hands. Additionally, this will help avoid most hidden fees not disclosed upfront. It may always be tempting to opt for the lowest prices, since the overall charges are often significant sums of money. However, it is worth noting that some transport brokers are fond of quoting unnecessarily low prices just to get clients without the ability to actually deliver on their promises. Usually, if the prices quoted by a potential carrier are drastically lower than most carriers, you will likely give up something on their service.

It is worth noting that boat carriers and boat transport brokers are different. At first glance, one may get the impression that there are numerous transport providers to pick from. However, upon inspecting further you soon realise that there are many boat transportation brokers. As a matter of fact, over the years, numerous brokerage companies have either been formed or rebranded themselves to give the impression that they are boat carriers. Most of these companies operate in the capacity of boat transportation brokers. The business model for most of such brokers is booking the end client i.e. the owner of the boat then sourcing carriage of the boat to actual carriers at lower rates compared to those charged to the end clients, hence making their profit. The problem with this model is that in most instances, the brokers booked jobs at rates below what the actual carriers accept to transport boats. Most smart boat carriers have caught onto this habit and no longer accepts bookings from such brokers purporting to offer below-market rates. This leaves bookings unfulfilled, which further confuses the industry. To confirm whether you are speaking to a carrier or a broker, ask them to give you contact details for the vessel agents at the load and discharge ports.

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