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Deciphering the Book of Revelation

The end is near. According to the Scriptures written in the Holy Bible, the second coming will happen in a snap like a thief rendering you defenseless and unaware so the best thing you can do while there is time is to repent about your sin and accept your savior. If you want to have peek of what is coming for those who will be left during the judgment day, you need to read the book of Revelation.

In this part of the Bible, everything will be revealed and everything will be exposed to you according to what is written. Behold, for the second coming is near and he who remains blind and proud will suffer eternally through the fires of Hell. If you are a Christian who is just beginning his or her journey in the path of the Lord, you need to be guided and you need to keep yourself grounded on the truth that is already spoken and written before you.

One way to do that is to decipher the real meaning of Revelation. The Revelation is written by one of Christ’s Apostles, John. John wrote the last part of the Bible as he was whisked away to the future of everything – judgment days. The Revelation is written chronologically and each chapter describing happenings that will happen when the God will return. They call it the rapture. As a Christian this day is a significant day for you as people who believe in Christ spend their days for the second coming and for the coming for the Lord.

You need to be aware of these things. But be careful when you read the revelation. Not everything that is written in it is literally written as it was. There are messages deeply hidden in metaphors and the language that was used for the revelation is not something that one can fully grasp immediately. You need guidance. You need to have someone allow you to walk through the writings of revelation with careful supervision and with enough explanation.

You can ask for guidance from a book that aims to explain the Book of Revelation bit by bit. You need to stuff yourself with enough knowledge that will help you read the revelation better and with enough understand of the things. Don’t try it all alone and all by yourself. It is dangerous if you interpret it all on your own without having enough guidance and background knowledge about the things that is written in the book of revelation.

You need a reference. You pick the book reference that will help you put together the puzzle of your understanding about the book of Revelation. You need to be sure that your chosen reference is reliable and is vouched by a lot of experts on the field to be a good book to read when it comes to understand the meaning behind the writings that you will find inside the book of revelation. You have to be sure before you make a dig.

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