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The Difference Between Registered and Certified Mail

You find that registered mail is the very first kind of secured mail that was ever offered by postal service and it is rated as one of the secure forms of sending valuable items. On the other hand, certified mail came after registered mail, and it offers many other benefits of registered mail at a lower price. But this does not make certified mail better, and it is vital that you learn their pros and cons before you jump into the conclusion. Discussed herein is a comparison between certified mail and registered mail.

The first benefit of registered mail is reliability because the system has been operating for over 200 years without experiencing major challenges. Apart from that, you can purchase additional insurance for the things that you are mailing making it the safest way of sending valuable items. Another good thing is that you will get delivery reports as this will minimise chances of not received mails. You can use this type of mail can be best used in sending items to your friends or family stationed at the military bases.

, Of course, no system is perfect, and this brings us to the cons of registered mail. You find that registered mail lack tracking features which certified mail has and you can see more in this useful site how it works. One bad thing with this is that you will not be able to monitor your package as the postal service ships them. Also, registered mail is also known for being slow as it can take USPS between 10-14 days to deliver a package. Being that USPS does not offer delivery window guarantee, you will not be able to purchase the expedited shipping. Last on the cons is that registered mail is more expensive than the certified mail.

One of the benefits of certified mail is verification of received package where you will automatically get a mailing receipt. Apart from that, it is also beneficial because of tracking ability where every certified mail receipt come with a special tracking number that you can input online. With this, you will be in a position to track your delivery status at any time which you can get online or through a telephone. Lastly, it is also the fastest as you can use it to ship first class or priority mail.

Certified mail is disadvantageous because you cannot insure it as this will not give peace of mind. Besides, you will also have to purchase return receipt service separately when you want to get the delivery record.