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Are you experiencing issues regarding your mental health lately? Maybe you should consider visiting neuropsychologist. A neuropsychologist is a professional that specializes in anything that related to the brain. If you have difficulty with reading, there might be a chance that you have dyslexia. It is considered as a disability in the bran, but it can be treated professional. The brain functions can still be re-organized to help you read properly. The symptoms of dyslexia are not just limited to reading difficulties. An individual with such brain-based disability might have issues with decoding and reading comprehension. If you are having difficulties with recognizing and pronouncing words, you will most likely not understand the main points of what you are reading. Dyslexia is associated with other oral difficulties as well, including written expression, auditory attention, and spelling.

The best way to know if you have dyslexia or not, or the severity of your dyslexia is through neuropsychological testing. This kind of testing involves the measurements of IQ and academic. Further testing may include measures of working memory, both verbal and visual. It also includes measuring your ability to perform quick action sequences and concept formation. The neuropsychologist may also test your mental flexibility and your ability to use feedback when deemed necessary. Neuropsychological testing allows the expert to tell if dyslexia is the right diagnosis or some other mental issue. The neuropsychologist will then recommend the proper treatment based on the diagnosis from such comprehensive testing. Careful testing will the neuropsychologist to determine where in the reading process are you have most difficulty with. It could be with letter or word recognition or perhaps capturing the meaning of words. Some people with dyslexia can recognize words but have difficulties with reading long sentences and passages. Once the areas of difficulty are determined, proper treatment methods will then be advised by the professional.

Formal reading programs can help treat dyslexia. Although the duration of the treatment is not specific, it can greatly help patients to develop basic sight reading and skills in reading comprehension. People with dyslexia may have a hard time excelling in schools which is why they are given special assignments to improve their reading and writing skills. Formal reading programs include customized learning for people with dyslexia, including simplified test instructions, essay writing, access to lecture notes beforehand, and oratorical speeches. Visual materials are always provided in such programs.

Reading is prerequisite to learning. One cannot learn the mysteries of the world without the ability to read. People with dyslexia may be considered handicapped but it does not mean that they should be forever. There is a treatment for almost all forms of mental disabilities, including dyslexia. Careful neuropsychological testing will help individuals gain access to dyslexia treatment methods. It is never too late to improve your ability to read and write. Just find a clinic that offers such services to get started. With the right neuropsychological testing, you will have a bright future ahead of you.

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