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Must-Have Items in Your Daily Survival Kit

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you must have a survival kit. You do not know when things can go wrong during your outdoor activities and if you are not well-prepared, you will put your life in danger. But having a complete survival kit can help solve some problems you might face.
However, survival kits should be able to solve specific problems. This is the reason why there are different types of survival kits depending on the kind of activities you are involved in and the circumstances that you are likely to face. It is therefore important to customize your survival kit to help you solve your needs. It is therefore advisable to assemble your kit rather than going for the pre-assembled daily survival kit. Read on this article to know the things which you must include in your kit.
Always have tools in your survival kit. This can include pliers, pocket knife, or multi-tool. The chances of using your tools are very high in all circumstances. For instance, if you are hungry, you can use your pocket knife to peel some field fruits. A multi-tool will also come in handy when you need to open some tins containing your preserved foods.
Illumination is important in all circumstances. You might be in a place where there is no electricity or and you cannot start a fire, your only alternative would be a source of illumination. Your daily survival kit must, therefore, have a flashlight, and usable extra batteries that can serve you for the days you are planning to be out. You should also consider carrying extra candles.
Water is very important even in places where water seems to be in plenty. Pack water purification tablets. This is because not all the water you come across is good for you and the worst thing which should happen in your outdoor activities is to get sick. Carrying water purify will, therefore, protect you from any water contamination and thus you will never worry about water.
You will need fire at one point during your outdoor activity. Fire is important not only in warming yourself but can be used to warm your food, roast wild meant, and keeping wild animals away from your tent in the night. So, your kit should have a fire-starting kit which should have matches and magnifying glass.
Have metal pots with you. No matter the kind of activities you will be involved in, you must eat. Metal pots are helpful when it comes to warming food. You can also pack mugs to make your stay a bit comfortable.
You should worry about cold nights. The fire might not be helpful and thus the reason to prepare yourself for cold nights. Carry space blankets with you to survive extreme cold nights.
Never go for an outdoor activity with food. However, your food should be non-perishable otherwise you might starve out there. Once you determine the number of days you will be out, pack enough food that can last you for those days.

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