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Why You Should Avoid Drunk Driving
At least 29 people die after vehicle accidents which can be avoided since drunk driving is a bad habit. Nobody should be proud about drunk driving since one day they might be a victim and end up losing their lives. Report from the center of disease control and prevention show that alcohol-related car accidents result in a life being lost every 50 minutes. Drinking-and-driving only causes people to lose their lives every 5 minutes according to the center for disease control and prevention.

Citizen should be more concerned about the efforts to stop drunk driving since at least 44 billion of the taxpayer’s money is used to take care of the crashes. It is common to find the traffic force state a decrease in traffic fatalities, but the number can still go down especially when it comes to drunk driving wrecks. The public awareness campaign organized by the government and different organization help people learn more and educational programs or DUI penalties have proven fruitful.

A minimum blood alcohol concentration of about 0.80 can cause serious car accidents which people should understand first. The law requires people to have a blood-alcohol concentration below 0.80 which is quite tolerable compared to 0.10 and 0.15 which is very dangerous. People suffering from alcohol use disorder adult large quantities of alcohol and quickly rush to their vehicles hoping they will not be absorbed into the bloodstream in a short time.

People are advised to keep away from alcohol when they operate machines or go out driving, but it will affect you depending on your blood system. You should not risk by taking alcohol regardless of the quantity since multiple intoxicated youths and teenagers cause road accidents, and they are responsible in most cases. Drinking alcohol while driving makes it difficult to make prompt decisions since it will slow down reaction time.

People usually wrongly adjudge the distance between their vehicles to the other ones, so they end up making irrational decisions or hit a pedestrian. Alcohol makes it tricky for people to pay attention while driving so they end up driving at high speeds and switch to the wrong lanes. It is difficult to judge the distance between your vehicle and the other driver or see what is around you after drinking too much since your vision with you affected.

Once your concentration and vision have been compromised you will not be in an great position to drive safely since you cannot maintain eye and foot harmonization. You will get a lot of tickets and penalties once the authorities realize you are driving Valley and in most cases might get a DUI or DWI charges.

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