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Effects of Instagram Updates

Instagram has been able to grow their active user numbers to reach up to billion as of early last year. This is because of the visuals and the ability to share images. Instagram has also attracted huge numbers of advertisers and business owners who advertise their business on the platform. With a large number of active people in the platform, there has been a trend of sharing negative news stories and images in order to attract attention by some people in the platform. Instagram has, therefore, released news about important updates concerning the number of visible likes one has in their photos. The platform will no longer have visible likes underneath one’s photos. Users will now start providing quality content when the updates will be put in effect to be able to reach a wider audience reach. The new updates have caused mixed reactions from different users and advertisers in the platform. With this article you are going to learn some of the ways in which the new updates will affect influencers in the platform.

To start with it is important to note that Instagram is only testing the update but it has not been put into action yet. The updates were after research that showed that Instagram has been having a negative impact on the users on the platform. The social media platform has also been seen to cause low self-esteem among its users. By disabling the likes, no one will be competing with the rest for likes.

Likes counts a lot to most advertisers and influencers during their advertorial campaigns. Some influencers, therefore, have tried to push their reach by buying likes. With more likes, the advertisers feel that they have a wider reach and more people who are following their business. Thus new updates are needed to tame the need of having many likes in one’s photos. With new updates being put into effect, people will stop competing more on likes but will focus on sharing valuable content to their audience.

In order to counter the problem that may arise to the advertisers is, they will require to post more quality content. Influencers who will start using more quality content will notice a good growth of traffic in their posts. Therefore always ensure that you have quality content for your audience to grow your traffic. Good quality content means that what is posted should be authentic and like able.

Lastly, to make the best use of Instagram an advertise should focus on giving quality content to their follower.