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Reasons for Reading the Bible Chronologically

The bible is a book that contains compilation of sacred scriptures and documents. The bible has been translated into many languages and is one of the most commonly read books. The bible is a guide to all Christians, as it contains relevant scriptures. There is a need for Christians to read the bible. Reading the bible has tremendous benefits. Reading the bible assures you of faith. As a Christian the bible will guide and enrich you. The following are merits you gain from reading the bible in a chronological manner.

When you read the bible in a chronological order you will be setting up a good foundation. The foundation of anything is fundamental. Let us use math as an example. You can’t solve an algebra equation from thin air. It will prove difficult as you will not know where it is you need to start. The algebraic equation will be hard on you if you do not have the simple founding structures of math such as numbers and the number line. The foundation of scripture is obtained when you chronologically read the bible. You will get to know the bible from its roots and grow in faith as you proceed.

You will better understand the calendar if you read the bible in a chronological order. When you are reading story, watching a movie or reading history, you will understand best if you start from the beginning to the end. Then you will have a better understanding of what the movie or story was about. You may understand even when you start in between; however, the level of understanding will be different from a person who started from the start. Also, if you read the bible chronologically, you will better understand what it is all about. You will be able to follow the story and put the entire scripture in context. Hence its meaning and understanding will be of greater depth by doing so.

Chronologically reading the bible helps you understand the gospel concept. You will be able to avoid false doctrine as you will understand the major concept. There are many preachers who preach the word but do not have the revelation but are preaching the gospel. But reading the scripture systematically will assist you in understanding the basic concept. As a result your faith will be boosted.

Reading the bible chronologically is best if it is done with a group. Getting a bible study together group is easy because the information is easily available. It will benefit you by assisting you to keep track. It will also give you the energy and motive to continue. In conclusion, you should strive to read the bible chronologically as it has many benefits as illustrated above.

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