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How to Track Your Time as a Freelancer Using Either the Timecard Apps or the EVV

There are many people that carry out home business in the US. It’s very important for the home business people to find a time management app that will help them to keep track of their time. In case you are also a home entrepreneur you must have realized that time runs very fast and it’s like you don’t recognize it. If you work as a blogger, freelancer or even as a coach then you are among the people that will benefit from time tracking app. There might raise a legal issue by the end of 2020 if the situation remains the same for this home working professionals. Considering the best method to use for your time tracking process between the EVV standards and the free timecard apps is not easy if you don’t understand then well. If you keep it here you will realize the best option of the time tracking apps that you can consider for your busy days.

You need to mind about your industry requirements before you select the best time tracking app for your professional. The needs of different industries are different and that why you have to consider your specific industry before making your decisions. For the bloggers and freelancers they don’t have the limitation of the time tracking app that they can consider since they can choose any. The health care providers will have to use the EVV method and they cannot use the timecard app as this article by CareTime shows.

The Electronic Visit Verification which is abbreviated as EVV is a technology that is used to keep track of when the caregivers start their activities and when they close. The specific location of login to the system will be detected by this app. The importance of this EVV technology is to help the healthcare industry to keep track of the daily activities and avoid the huge loss of dollars in unknown ways. The EVV is also important for eradicating papers in your payroll, timesheet, and visit records and also in billing.

Below are some of the timecard apps that you can use for your time tacking.

If you are looking for an easy to use timecard app that will calculate both your expenses and income this is your option.

The second time tracker is the free time and is important for the bosses that want their freelancers to plan their working time.

The Toggle app is good for you if you want to understand how to operate your business. This app is costless and very simple to use.

With the TimeWerks Pro Billing, you will be able to alter your projects and make employees profile.

In case you need to have a comprehensive report go for the Hours app and for cloud accounting choose the FreshBooks time tracker.