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Basic Injuries That Senior Citizens are Susceptible to in Life

With age advancement in age, there is predisposition to different kinds of injuries out there that could turn out to be very dangerous. There are those who believe that as people grow older, they become more of kids that adults as they need a lot of care and attention so as to stay safe. The elderly in the society face quite a number of challenges as their health is compromised and there is general body weakness and this makes them get predisposed to quite a number of injury types that could go south very fast. Wherever they go, from home to the street and even in malls and hospitals, there are so many things that could bring injuries to them and we all need to be aware of these things so as to help them take care of themselves. This is to ensure that they are aware and will be able to avoid them so as to stay healthy. Consider going through the article below to learn more about the injuries that senior citizens are predisposed to.

For a start, you need to know about the risk of slipping and falling which majorly contributes to these injuries. The danger of slipping and falling is on top of the list of the things that elders are predisposed to and needs to be avoided by all means at it may turn out fatal. With advancement In age there is the compromise of general body health and weakness which brings in lack of stability which is a distributing factor to slipping and falling. The slippery surfaces such as the bathroom or bathtub are places of high risk and danger of falling calling out which might bring about terrible effects. You should consider taking precautions that will aid in ensuring that the senior citizens are protected from the risk of slipping and falling.

Concussions are other injuries that senior citizens suffer. As health is deteriorating, there is a high risk of getting a concussion even from the slightest hit on the head and this means that you should take many precautions to ensure that they are protected from such.

Bones tend to become weaker as one grows older and also suffer from bone-related diseases which make them vulnerable to fractures and breaks. When falling, the hip is one of the body parts that is usually hit and in most cases fracture occurs which in most cases never heals completely.

Majority of senior citizens insist on doing things for themselves and in the process get injuries such as burns.